Considering writing more

I constantly think about writing. I also think about making art. I suppose in many respects these are one and the same.

I wonder what it is that stops me from doing anything creative lately. A lack of focus? Likely. Loss of creativity? Possibly. Laziness? Definitely.

When I started this blog it was partially as a jokey response to the emergence of Twitter and the like; with a constant barrage of up to the minute, “microblogging” where would the idea of a daily, or weekly, update of your life exist? I thought it would be fun and humorous. Of course, now it’s nothing.

Thinking about this now gives me new incentive, I hope, to continue doing something even remotely creative. Whether it’s writing (which, for me, is the easiest outlet), drawing, or something else.

Come at me, life. I’m ready.

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2 responses to “Considering writing more

  1. I’m also breaking my promise to keep this blog mundane. C’est la vie.

  2. Write more often. It is interesting to see someone like me go through the same -hardcore-resolving-mode-to-write-often-and-not-write-so-that-much-

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