Applying for Pabst’s Social Media Community Manager

Recently, the lovely people at America’s largest American owned brewery, Pabst Brewing Company posted a job opening as Social Media Community Manager in Los Angeles.

Naturally, after spotting this, I polished up my resume and wrote a concise, spirited cover letter and sent it off through the tubes for consideration.

Afterwards, I sent a tweet to @PBR_USA, the official Twitter for Pabst Blue Ribbon, the company’s flagship brand, letting them know I applied and was excited for the opportunity.

Then, a couple days later I thought, wait, I should really push this through social media channels. I avidly use Facebook and Twitter, in both my private life — which ends up being populated by goofy things I think about, or chronicles of what my beautiful wife Sarah is watching on TV behind me — and as an ambassador for Ice Cream Man. Within minutes I had set up a Facebook page encouraging people to support my quest for this job, started using a custom hashtag #Gooch4PBR on Twitter and registered to redirect to the Facebook page.

My thoughts were simple: If this is a job managing social media, why not use social media to show how eminently qualified I was?

Well, here I am, hopefully things will work out, it absolutely is a perfect fit for myself and for Pabst, a brand I absolutely love and can attest for.


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2 responses to “Applying for Pabst’s Social Media Community Manager

  1. I understand that using America twice so quickly reads poorly, but I’m keeping it. USA!

  2. UPDATE: I did not get the job. I am still on the hunt however. If you or someone you know has any leads feel free to let me know!

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